Free initial business advice for University of Southampton students and staff.

The Small Business Clinic is run throughout the academic year by a voluntary group of Law and Business students and staff with the support of a local firm of Chartered Accountants offering FREE initial advice on a range of issues to include all aspects of general, legal and tax compliance matters relating to running a business in the UK.

More importantly, it helps you to answer these questions:

  • Whether you have a good business idea?
  • Whether your idea can be developed into a commercial business?
  • How your IP can be safeguarded when dealing with business associates?
  • What is the most appropriate business structure for you?

And many more….

‘Some of our past co-ordinators and student helpers share their experiences of working with the Small Business Clinic…

‘Working with the Small Business Clinic Team was an invaluable experience. To see how academic skills can be utilised in a business case scenario was fantastic. Our    clients brought a plethora of fascinating business examples with them which made our job very enriching. I am especially thankful to the Small Business Clinic’s Consultant Renold Tang for his thoughtful and wise advise and Kun, the coordinator, for his great reliability and help. Moreover, I was very pleased to see the team spirit in practice, in which everyone put in the same great amount of effort to ensure that all tasks we faced during the academic year, were completed to the highest of standards. Coordinating the Small Business Clinic has involved a great deal of multitasking which has at times been a challenge (especially when faced with sudden changes in circumstances). However, thanks to the right people being in the right place at the right time, we have managed to maintain the high quality of our pro bono service and consequently, the SBCs excellent reputation across the University.  Without a doubt, I would recommend the position of SBC Co-ordinator to any PhD candidate.’ Paulina E. Sikorska, PhD in Law

‘Serving as a coordinator for the Small Business Clinic (2016-17) has offered me an amazing and unforgettable experience. I have benefited a great deal from working with our Consultant Renold, with our student volunteers and with our clients – gaining a number of impressive business insights, all of which help better connect my academic horizon with the real business world. Joining in with the clinic team has greatly cultivated my teamwork capabilities and communication skills. I strongly recommend this invaluable experience, which could pave a solid way to your future success’ Kun Duan, PhD in Management (2015-2018)


The Small Business Clinic provided me with a great experience. Throughout the two years I spent volunteering as a student helper, I gained an invaluable insight into how businesses operate. I got the chance to attend client meetings and hear about interesting projects. Taking notes for clients throughout meetings helped me better understand their needs and expectations. The research I had to undertake to answer their queries enhanced my commercial knowledge, whereas seeing an experienced consultant provide advice taught me how clients should be approached. Overall, the experience was very enjoyable, as the entire Small Business Clinic Team is more than welcoming and willing to further your development. It was also instrumental to me convincing graduate recruiters that I am commercially aware.’ Lyubomira Midelieva   

Small Business Clinic Team for academic year 2017/18:

Name                                             Role

Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon             Academic Lead

Vadim Grinevich                           Academic Lead

Ferrelyn Tugwell                           Administrative Lead

Renold Tang                                    Consultant

Sang Le Quang                               Co-ordinator

Danni Zhang                                   Co-ordinator

Jodie Grove                                      Consultant interns

Jessica Amankwaa                         Consultant interns

Ghadir Fareed                                 Consultant interns

Joshua McNulty                              Consultant interns

Small Business Clinic Team for academic year 2016/17:

Name                                             Role

Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon            Academic Lead

Vadim Grinevich                          Academic Lead

Ferrelyn Tugwell                         Administrative Lead

Renold Tang                                 Consultant

Paulina E. Sikorska                     Co-ordinator

Kun Duan                                     Co-ordinator

Minh Nguyen                              Consultant interns

Lyubomira Midelieva                Consultant interns

Claudia Pellegrino                      Consultant interns

Alex Bondarenko                        Consultant interns

Small Business Clinic Team for academic year 2015/16:

Name                                             Role

Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon           Academic Lead

Vadim Grinevich                        Academic Lead

Renold Tang                                Consultant

Tam Nguyen (Tom)                   Co-ordinator

Supuni Vidanelage Perera        Co-ordinator

Ferrelyn Tugwell                        Administrative Lead

Minh Nguyen                              Consultant interns

Lyubomira Midelieva                Consultant interns

Claudia Pellegrino                     Consultant interns

Alex Bondarenko                       Consultant interns

Small Business Clinic Team for academic year 2014/15:

Name                                             Role

Elizabeth Williams                   Academic Lead

Stephen Jackson                       Academic Lead

Renold Tang                               Consultant

Jun Neoh                                    Co-ordinator

Alex Chrysanthou                     Co-ordinator

Ferrelyn Tugwell                       Administrative Lead

Max Klymenko                          Consultant interns

Maaz Siddiqui                           Consultant interns

Cheng Yew Keng                       Consultant interns

Abey Ali                                      Consultant interns

Small Business Clinic Team for academic year 2013/14:

Name                                             Role

Elizabeth Williams                     Academic Lead

Stephen Jackson                        Academic Lead

Renold Tang                               Consultant

Jun Neoh                                    Co-ordinator

Hong Zhang                               Co-ordinator

Hassan Younas                          Consultant interns

Kristen Harris                            Consultant interns

Marcus Tan                                Consultant interns

Robert White                             Consultant interns

Stefani Georgiou                       Consultant interns

Maria Joachim                          Consultant interns