Feedback on clinics (2017/18)

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On 7 March 2018, SBC’s consultant, Renold Tang, delivered successfully the last clinic of a series of 5 clinics in this academic year, aiming at providing more detailed advises tailored to meet the specific need of clients.
The clinics have provided the audience with a wide range of knowledge needed to start a business. They were awarded high marks from the clients on many aspects with many positive comments and suggestions.


  • A lot of knowledge about a range of business opportunities.
  • Individual approach and expertise
  • Honesty and bluntness/ Straightforward advice/ Professional advises
  • Business management and strategy archives have been the key topics of my talk; I have many interesting inputs.
  • Critique given was very helpful. Link to company shared. Advice on next steps appreciated.


  • I have waited for a quite long time to have an appointment. Hence, running more sections might be helpful
  • I think a potential incubator scheme might help.
  • I think the clinic is quite efficient and complete, may be just allowing a bit more time for the talk would be a plus.
  • There should be some more in-depth advice (going into more details)
Please click here to see the full post-clinic assessment report.
We are going to continuously improve our services to provide more seminars and clinics with better quality and help more entrepreneurs to realize their business ideas in the next academic year!

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