Month: February 2017

Feedback 1st February 2017 (Highfield Clinic)

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Our 1st February 2017 clinic in Highfield was a success, recording an overall rating of 94%. Our clients were very satisfied with the advice they received from our business consultant, with high ratings given once again for “quality of advice” (94%), clarity of advice (94%), privacy (94%), treatment by staff (97%),“quality of service” (94%) and information about service (88%).




Some of the comments from our clients are:

“Thank you for your advice”

“Possible offer more private mentorship arranged outside of university. Paid or unpaid.”

“Thank you for your time and the realistic help”

“Good experience finding gaps in business plan by looking at things from different perspective. Realistic view on feasibility of business plan”

“Thank you, see you again soon”