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Feedback: Small Business Clinic – tax seminar

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On the 16th November 2016, our esteemed Consultant and Entrepreneur Renold Tang, delivered the third session in our annual Small Business Clinic seminar series. The seminar entitled: “Basic Business Taxes and Personal Taxes in the UK”, saw Renold discuss a range of useful tax issues for business owners: from ‘basic tax rates and schemes’ to ‘where to get advice on tax matters’, before sharing his own extensive experience as a Fellow Chartered Accountant and businessman with staff and students interested in starting their own businesses at the University of Southampton.

Despite the number of participants being slightly lower than expected, the seminar received superb feedback from its attendees, with an overall rating of 89.5% for “Relevance of Topic”, “Quality of Presenter”, “Quality of Venue”, and “Would like to attend further seminars”. The SBC team are delighted to have received confirmation that their 3-part seminar series has successfully provided attendees with some basic yet very powerful knowledge regarding taxes, national insurance and pensions, crucial for starting a small business. The SBC team would like to thank its attendees for coming and they hope that they will share information about this invaluable service with colleagues and peers…


All feedback received was extremely positive, with comments such as:

  • “Very helpful and informative”;
  • “Would love to join other activities of SBC in the future”;

The Small Business Clinic aims to help University of Southampton staff and students to take the next step in advancing their businesses. We welcome you to book an appointment to receive initial business advice at one of our FREE monthly small business clinics. Please visit our website: for more details on how to book a private appointment with our business advisor, or e-mail us at



Feedback: Small Business Clinic – informative and interactive seminars

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Like last year, our first and second seminars in the Small Business Clinic (SBC) series (held on 02/11/2016) attracted a good mix of both staff and students. Nearly 110 tickets were sold in total. Prof Martin Broad, the Head of Southampton Business School, gave wonderful opening remarks for our first seminar, and our special guest young entrepreneur Hugh Gaffney-Dodd who graduates from the University of Southampton this year, shared his own experience of starting up a business with the help of the SBC.

Due to the high level of interest in the seminars and volume of Q&A’s, our Clinic Consultant and Entrepreneur Renold Tang had to condense the contents of his presentation to our audience. Renold’s lecture briefly covered topics ranging from ‘different types of business vehicles’ and ‘important clauses to include in a shareholders agreement,’ to ‘the sacrifice and self-discipline required to start a business’.

We have received many comments from our audience, most of which have been very complimentary. We would appreciate any further constructive comments which will allow us to improve on the future quality of our seminars. Planning for this type of presentation is tricky; comments on the shortage of time and audience members desiring more information on certain topics, are common. The main message we wish to deliver is, starting a business is far more complex than one would expect, and the SBC is here to help! Renold is now available for one-to-one appointments for the rest of the academic year.

Overall, both seminars received high ratings from attendees regarding “Relevance of topic”, “Quality of presenter”, “Quality of Venue”, and “Would like to attend further seminars”. The first seminar received a rating of 84% and the second seminar received a rating of 76%.



The majority of feedback was extremely positive, with comments such as:

Very informative, comprehensive, and enjoyable

Useful knowledge on how to run a business

Amazing to have a real life example of someone who has started off at University and now run his own business

Very knowledgeable presenters with concise and straightforward way of speaking

We also appreciate contrasting constructive comments, which we will use to enhance our future seminars where appropriate:

There are no overview and structure at the beginning of seminar

Q&A sessions could be longer” & “More case study might be helpful

The young entrepreneur should present more on how he put his business idea into practice

Some comments may be consulted during our one-to-one sessions (clinics):

Would like to learn more about the comparison among different business vehicles

More knowledge about how to set up a business at the beginning

Renold will return for Part 3 of the Seminar series (“Basic Business Taxes and Personal Taxes in the UK”) next Wednesday 16th November 2016, 2-4pm at Building 44, room 1041, Highfield Campus. The seminar will be suitable for University of Southampton students and staff who are serious about starting their own businesses.

Topics to be covered in brief on 16 November 2016:

Income tax for individuals

Corporation tax

Capital gains tax



Inheritance tax (IHT)

National insurance (NIC)

Places are limited; to attend, please sign up at:”