13th January 2016 clinic feedback

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Our 13th January 2016 clinic in Highfield recorded the highest rating for the 2015/16 academic year (so far)! Our over fully booked clinic was given a rating of nearly 95% overall.

Here are some of our clients’ comments:

  • “The advice and preliminary feedback gave me a good first start to the beginning of my business and good to help set realistic aims.”
  • “Thank you. You have made me think about some important things I had not considered and I have somethings I need to consider carefully.”
  • “Great advice, I will contact again.”

Treatment by staff reached the perfect quality of 100%, following by privacy (97%), quality of service (94%), quality of advice (94%) and clarity of advice (91%). All were highly rated.

Jan.16 Feedback chart

We are in progress of taking further steps to improve the “information about the service” (89%) by advertising our clinic throughout the university with our e-mail advertisements, and by providing clearer information on our website so that all clients know what to expect on our clinic days.

Thanks to all clients who have provided us with feedback- we aim to keep improving our performance for the next clinic in February and March 2016.


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