Feedback 14th Jan 2015 (Highfield Clinic)

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Our 14th January 2015 clinic in Highfield recorded the highest rating for the 2014/15 academic year (so far)! Our fully booked clinic was given a rating of 93% overall.

Here’s some of our clients’ comments:

  • “The advice and preliminary feedback gave us a lot to think about how to structure our business.”
  • “Thank you. You have made me think about some important things I had not considered and I have somethings I need to consider carefully.”
  • “It has left me very enthusiastic about continuing my ambitions to apply myself in an entrepreneurial context. Many many thanks. I look forward to meeting up with you again.”

Treatment by staff (97%), quality of service (94%), quality of advice (94%), clarity of advice (94%) and privacy (94%) were highly rated.

While ‘information about the service’ received the low rating (83%), this rating has steadily improved from previous clinics. We are taking further steps to improve this: by advertising our clinic throughout the university with our e-mail advertisements, and by providing clearer information on our website so that all clients know what to expect on our clinic days.

Thanks to all clients who have provided us with feedback- we aim to improve our performance for the next clinic.

Untitled14012015[Please click the graph above to enlarge]

Interested in attending the small business clinic? Book an appointment today by e-mailing sbclinic[at]


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