Month: December 2014

January Clinic – Bookings Now Open!

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UntitledWe are now accepting bookings for our next clinic on the 14th January 2015 (Wednesday).  The clinic will be held in Building 4/1019 (Highfield), and will run from 12.30pm – 17.10pm (with each client receiving a private timeslot of 30 minutes).

To book a  private appointment with our business advisor, please e-mail us at sbclinic [at], with your name as the subject.

Feedback 10th Dec 2014 (Highfield Clinic)

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Our 10th December 2014 clinic in Highfield was a success! The clinic was fully booked (amid one late cancellation) and most of our clients are satisfied! Our clients gave the clinic a rating of 87% overall.

Our clients were very satisfied with the advice they received from our business consultant, with high ratings given once again for “quality of advice” (94%) and “clarity of advice” (97%). Also, high marks of 80% and above were recorded for “Info about the service”, “quality of service”, “privacy”, and “treatment by staff”.

Some of the comments from our clients are:

  • “The quality of the service offered is astonishing. We will for sure spread the word.”
  • “Very useful. Extremely clear advice – thank you!”The quality of the service offered is astonishing. We will for sure spread the word.
  • “The appointment was very helpful and informative and I’m grateful that some research was done regarding my request.”
  • “Very happy with the service – I learnt a lot.”
  • “A very helpful initiative and I was offered further help – really appreciated! Thank you!”
  • “Everything was very good. I’ll apply for another slot of time soon”

Our lowest performing area for this clinic was in “sufficient amount of time” (68%). We appreciate that the 30 minutes allocation that we offer each client can be in some cases too short. As we are a relatively new team providing a service for free, we are restricted in this area, especially since demand for our clinic is high (with the the past two clinics being fully book for the whole day). However, we would like to reassure our clients not to worry about time; in most cases, our business advisor will answer all the clients’ questions. And if appropriate, we will offer our client another appointment so that our business advisor can cover all your queries in detail.

Thanks to all the clients who have provided us with feedback – we aim to improve our performance for the next clinic.

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Interested in attending the small business clinic? Book an appointment today by e-mailing sbclinic[at] Please also visit our FAQ page for more details.

Tax Seminar Attracts Positive Reviews (03/12/2014)

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Seminar3Fellow Chartered Accountant and entrepreneur Renold Tang delivered yet another well-received seminar for the Small Business Clinic, titled: “Seminar Part 3 – Basic Business Taxes and Personal Taxes in the UK” (3rd December 2014). Sharing his knowledge and experience with students and staff at the University of Southampton,  Renold discussed a range of critical tax issues for business owners: from ‘tax rates and schemes’ to ‘where to get advice on tax matters’.

With an overall rating of 84%, Seminar 3 was awarded high marks from the audience for ‘quality of advice’, ‘quality of service’, ‘treatment by staff’ and ‘information about service’. The lowest rated area was for ‘sufficient amount of time’, with most participants calling for a longer seminar. We are taking steps to meet this demand – for example, Renold have stayed on for an extra hour in Seminar 3; plus we will consider extending the length of future seminars. Other comments from the audience which we are looking into include: providing directions to the seminar room and providing notes for the seminar.

Seminar 3 Feedback 03/12/2014[Please click on graph to enlarge]

All in all, we are delighted that our 3-part seminar series have provided the  audience with some basic yet powerful knowledge needed to starting a business. To the attendees, we thank you for coming and hope that you will spread the word about our service.

The Small Business Clinic aims to help students and staff of the University of Southampton to take the next step in advancing their business. We welcome you to book an appointment for initial business advice at one of our FREE monthly business clinics. Please see our FAQ page for more details on how to book a private meeting with our business advisor, or e-mail us at sbclinic [at]

Welcome to the University of Southampton Small Business Clinic Website

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Welcome! The Small Business Clinic is a free service for University of Southampton students and staff.

To book a free business consultation with our Chartered Accountant, please click here for more details.

We also run free business seminars througout the academic year, so check this space regularly for upcoming events.

Small Business Clinic Seminar A Success (26/11/14)

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Our business seminar last week (26/11) was extremely popular with students and staff at the University of Southampton! Clinic Consultant and Southampton alumnus Renold Tang delivered two seminars on “Running Your Own Business (Part 1)” and “Starting Your Own Business: The Mechanics (Part 2)” to an almost sold-out lecture hall. Drawing from his knowledge as a Fellow Chartered Accountant and experience as an entrepreneur, Renold’s lecture covered topics ranging from ‘different types of business vehicles’ and ‘important clauses to include in a shareholders agreement’ to the sacrifice and self-discipline required to start a business.

Feedback from the audience were largely positive, with comments such as:

  • “…the sessions rallied my enthusiasm”
  • “Very interesting and informative…”
  • “This is all very exciting for me. I really enjoyed the last seminar and look forward to the next. Hearing first-hand experience from a knowledgeable consultant is extremely valuable…”

Overall, the seminars were given a rating of 87% by the attendees, with high marks for “Info about seminar”, “Quality of service”, “Quality of advice”, “Clarity of advice”, and “Treatment by staff”. However, “Sufficient amount of time” was given the lowest score (68%), as there was not enough time to cover all the material in 2 hours. Fortunately, Renold continued the seminar for an additional 30 minutes to the appreciation of the 89-strong audience.


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Renold will return for Part 3 of the Seminar series (“Basic Business Taxes and Personal Taxes in the UK”) this Wednesday 3rd December 2014, 2pm-3pm at Highfield Campus. The seminar is suitable for University of Southampton students and staff who are serious about starting their own businesses. Places are limited; to attend, please sign up at: