Feedback 12th Nov 2014 (Highfield Clinic)

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Our 12th November 2014 clinic in Highfield was a huge success! The clinic was fully booked and most of our clients are satisfied! Our clients gave the clinic a rating of 86% overall.

Here’s some of our clients’ comments:

“Very helpful advice. Gave me some things to think about and different perspectives, i.e. things I didn’t think about. Thank you!”

“This was fantastic and I felt that my questions are answered very well. I was given further answers of information and invited to come back for more guidance.”

“I very much enjoyed speaking with the consultant. I feel I could have used my time better if I had a few more directing questions prior to the interview. Thanks again!”

“… makes me want to have further discussions with you…”

Treatment by staff (94%) and privacy (94%) were highly rated. We take our clients privacy very seriously- all our volunteers have to sign a confidentiality agreement before working on a client’s case.

We note that ‘information about the service’ received a low rating (71%), with one client commenting that our service “needs a bit more advertising”. We will look into this matter and will try to improve our marketing, as well as providing more information on our website so that clients will know what to expect on the clinic day.

Thanks to all clients who have provided us with feedback- we aim to improve our performance for the next clinic.



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